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I read the bill.
First - ILM would have to VOTE to raise this tax on the local level. IF they don't raise the tax they don't get ANY money. This is a city tax, not a county tax.
As for sidewalks and festivals? in the definitions it says this:
"Beach nourishment. – The placement of sand, from other sand sources, on a
14 beach or dune by mechanical means and other associated activities that are
15 in conformity with the North Carolina Coastal Management Program, or
16 which have otherwise been authorized by the General Assembly, along
17 North Carolina shorelines and connecting inlets for the purpose of widening
18 the beach to benefit public recreational use and mitigating damage and
19 erosion from storms to inland property and transportation routes."

Later on this proposed bill says this:
"21 (b) Use. – A municipality may use the net proceeds of a tax levied under this Article for
22 beach nourishment; street and sidewalk construction and improvements; traffic signals; street
23 lighting; street and directional signage; police, fire, and rescue services support; and services to
24 support public events and festivals."
25 SECTION 2. This act is effective when it becomes law."

so it would appear as though they want the money used for beach sand and roads that are impacted by erosion, but then give cities the right to use it for all roads, all streetlights and traffic lights an festival costs.

Now, considering that Rivenbark wants to set up a special tax area down town for down town festivals, AND that the ROT is already being diverted from county coffers to pay for the CC I think that the citizens of this city would rebel against a tax increase for Riverwalk maintenance - why? because we all pay sales taxes but very few of us use River Walk.
The city is grasping at straws trying to pay the ongoing costs for previous fiscal disasters.
You put in a street? You gotta take care of that street.
You put in a wastewater plant you gotta take care of that plant.
You want a river walkway you gotta take care of that walkway.

These people are nuts....



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