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Tom a question

If that girl did the interacting to begin with then showed a presence of mind (questionable I know) to pursue this avenue isn't it better than the potential consequences?

Or are you saying that condoms because they also protect against sexually transmitted diseases are better? So you can be immoral so long as you use YOUR preferred birth control methods?

I sense, and share, your frustration and I worry constantly about my grand children and what they face from a morals standpoint. I have learned from talking to my grand daughter that using generalities is far better for me (as opposed to Grandma who can get into specific sexual acts so long as I am not around). I am flabbergasted to learn that several of her middle school classmates are/were pregnant and that sexual experimenting has been routinely done by that 12 to 14/15 year old age group. She finds it repulsive (for now). That will not last however. I am encouraged by her sense of "self" in that she thinks about HER future plans - high school, college, engineering, NC STATE. She thinks of boys a secondary benefit for her social life and relegate them to that secondary role.
But clearly I am stunned and shared that with her. She did admit that her generation has been bombarded with "sex" in blatant and more subliminal ways through music, movies, clothing etc and that it was hard to maintain a sense of morality given that onslaught of audio and visual sexuality. She found it easier to think of herself and her future - and THAT allows her to subliminally exert her own sense of morality into her life, without appearing to be prudish to her male friends.
I jokingly said well if you found a guy who was thinking like you - future, engineering, NC state would that make you think about loosening your morals? She said no, it would make him more palatable as a potential boyfriend but that's it.
I'm still scared for her and birth control is being discussed by my female dominated family - but her aunts (my daughters) are brutally honest in their discussions with her - which I am grateful for.
This is a very tough subject and peer pressure is enormous.
I am frankly at a loss for words on this aspect of our society



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