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Kids have always done it?

so I guess in your world that is okay.

Teen age pregnancy is apparently much more acceptable than in my youth.

I attended a high school with a senior class of about 400. We had 1 single female member of our class who became with child. She was a pariah. No wearing the cap and gown. No walking down the aisle to receive her diploma. And I attended a public school; so this was not some religious over-reaction.

Morality and knowing right from wrong began at the household. There were certain expectations held out for us to achieve by our parents or gaurdians.

Sadly, today, that does not exist to the degree it should. Were it, we would not see television trash such as Teen Mom. Look at that witless wonder from Oak Island. Great role model for the youngster she is responsible for. Although from what one reads, she shifted that burden onto her Mother.


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