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Same tired gender bashing...

Surfcity Tom, and what of the young man, the other baby maker, was he treated as a pariah? Was he disallowed the opportunity to graduate with his class? What does graduating H.S. have to do with having a baby? If you make the grade you should be allowed to graduate with your class, simple as that.

I don't know how old you are, but I imagine you are probably my mom's age. She too grew up in a similar age and became pregnant out of wedlock. It was a year out of H.S., but same scenario with the one wearing the mark of "visible sin" made to feel like crap. Back then women were encouraged to marry to save the "family name." As the resulting child of that age, I am here to tell you two wrongs don't make a right. The offending women of your time wearing the mark of "visible sin" would have been better served to have been encouraged along in their studies, that means completing H.S., walking with their graduating class, and being given the support to continue their education to break the cycle of bad choices and possibly even worse marriages and poverty. Because despite all the studies, marriage doesn't save a woman from poverty! Not when one is doing all the carrying of responsibility, working, and the other is being the polar opposite

Not saying today's society has it any better or more right (quite the opposite), but your generation had it wrong too, though you will never admit it.

Also, I am kind of curious, can you please kindly explain to me how a "single female member of your class became with child"? I don't think test tube babies existed back then.

'I attended a high school with a senior class of about 400. We had 1 single female member of our class who became with child. She was a pariah. No wearing the cap and gown. No walking down the aisle to receive her diploma. And I attended a public school; so this was not some religious over-reaction.

Morality and knowing right from wrong began at the household. There were certain expectations held out for us to achieve by our parents or gaurdia'


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