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You hit the nail

right on the head. Your last 2 sentences make it very clear morality and knowing right from wrong begins at the home. Parents should set high expectations for their children.

So, what is your point in bashing me?

The young lady who became with child, and the Father, did in fact marry. They started a succesful business. Last time I was home, they were still together.

Whether you, and all of the SCTom bashers like it or not, our Country still supports freedom of speech. Different opinions abound.

You have 1 of 2 choices. Disagree in a civil manner with each side presenting its opinion and whatever facts may be available. OR, resort to personality sneers and insults.

Far too many resort to the latter. And, I would bet many support or believe in the ACLU and freedom of speech. As long as it is in agreement with their mind set.

I applaud for not debasing yourself in that latter manner.

What also amazes me is the apparent turn in thinking.

Just a few weeks ago, Senator Thom Ghoolsby introduced a bill which had some connection with abortions. If I recall correctly, he was chastized roundly; there were references on this website to "wands" and his intrusion into a woman's private parts.

How does that differ from a Federal Agency now saying its okay for children as young as 15 to be allowed to purchase this pill?


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