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There are several differences.
Goolsby's legislation was to coerce a woman into not having an abortion.
The morning after pill is an emergency CONTRACEPTIVE not a medially induced abortion pill.
This WILL, in fact, stop people from having to suckle on the Medicaid nipple as you so eloquently put it in another post.

The real tragedy here is not abortion - it is the ease in which we allow morality to slip without consequence. I'm aghast at our lack of morality and can't fathom the thought of being sexually active at 12 to 15 years of age. Then again I din't watch Teen Mom, or porn on the internet back then. It would have looked horrible on a black and white TV anyway. (Two tuning knobs folks - VHF/UHF, no remote).
Yes the installation of morality into the mindset of our children starts at home - but gets impacted by things outside the home for which we have no control over.
I am against abortion but I am also against legislating it. It is purely a woman's or a couples choice. If they are morally corrupt enough to kill an unborn child I can shun them but I am not naive either. My opinion is based upon the religious influence of my upbringing - instilled by my parents while they were instilling the sense of morality into me. Because of that religious influence I an against legislating this for anyone else, hence my feelings that Goolsby needs a vaginal wand stuck in him.
But as far as an emergency contraceptive goes? Given the morality (or lack thereof) of the times I would hope that a girl would have the sense to do this but I would more so HOPE that the boy had the sense to use a condom instead, as it provides disease protection as well as pregnancy prevention.



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