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Wow you people on here need

Wow you people on here need to get an damn grip., non of you know her situation and I'm sure if any of, you heartless people would do what you had to for you're kids. You don't huge someone unless you have walked in her shoes. And,for that sorry manager that had,to tackle an woman to the ground for $12 that's sad. I hope she sues thepants off of,him. Cause she does have back problems, and,if an wreak ass,grown man grabs you and,throws you to the ground back problems or,not i believe you would try to get up offthe ground. It,looked like he,was having a good,time holding her on her chest. As for her kids: she is a,great mother and herkids have never nor ever will be how about all of you that has no life but sit,infront of the computer all dayand talk trash about people you dont know. how about spend yourworthless time doing something productive Other than critising someone !


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