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At first, the dispatcher was

At first, the dispatcher was very polite. She politely spoke several times, to this understandably frantic caller. Who kept saying, "Get and ambulance now! Get and ambulance now!" Then the dispatcher tried another approach, when passive-politeness, clearly wasn't working. She had to get that vital information, needed for Law Enforcement, and EMS.

A horrible, tragic, death has occurred. And I know you're upset. But this is no time for hatred against a innocent, hard working, dispatcher, trying as hard as she can to get vital, life-saving, information, for the Police, and EMS, so they can try to apprehend the danger, and more importantly, to save this man's life.

You may not know this, but when violence is occurring, EMS can't do their job, until the police are able to take control of the scene. How can they put you in an ambulance, when someone is trying to shoot or stab them ? Vital suspect information has to be obtained.

You might want to try looking past your hatred against her, and try blaming the real person at fault here. The killer. Who chose to attack a man, and take his life.


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