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It doesn't happen every day

We may never know what happened in this home. The family members there most likely do not really know. Domestic violence goes from "calm to deadly" in seconds. That is why obtaining vital information is the PRIORITY of the 911 Center. Scene safety is the PRIORITY of those dispatched to these violent scenes. You are right, a family has been torn apart, & the Dispatcher who took this call, has been torn apart also. Her entire career has been reduced down to this call because she sounded rude and harsh. Her job is to take control of the 911 call & maintain control, not the caller. She did her job but not to the liking of the public due to the tone of her voice. In this tragedy, let's blame someone (could it be the "good kid" who stabbed his Father to death? No way, he was a "good kid"!!) Let's blame the Dispatcher because she sounded harsh. 911 Management should support this veteran employee & not crucify her. Hopefully, the Roberts Family will understand she was doing the job to save their lives from a killer & cut her some slack. She is not the one who is at fault here. Please allow something positive to come from this awful, deadly situation.


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