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You're just wrong....

You're just wrong on several issues.

First, if you listen to the recording VERY carefully, you will discover that the whole thing is edited. What is edited out is CLEARLY not what the dispatcher said at any point, so don't even try to say that the recording was edited to protect the dispatcher. That leaves only one person whose words were edited: THE CALLER. Just because you can't hear her being COMPLETELY UNCOOPERATIVE quite frequently doesn't mean that the caller was blameless and calm.

Ask yourself the following question: What would YOU have done if YOU had to answer that 9-1-1 call? Through a distraught caller's fragmented words and hysterical shreiking, you would HAVE to gather certain pieces of information. You would need to know an address as quickly as possible. If the caller was never able to give but one piece of information, a location would have to be that piece of information. We can then send fire, EMS, and Law to the scene. You would need to know the phone number the caller called you from so that you can call them back if the line is disconnected. You would need to know what is happening on scene so you can determine who to send - Law, EMS, Fire, or a combination of the above. As dispatchers, we automatically send EMS and Law to any call involving suicidal subjects as soon as we know where they are and that they are suicidal. We have no choice over that because it's automatically programmed into our CAD system to generate and immediately dispatch once those 2 things are known. As soon as the calltaker knew this was someone threatening suicide and where they were physically located, and ambulance and police officers were dispatched. Every question from the calltaker after that was about determining scene safety while simultaneously attempting to give the caller lifesaving CPR instructions.

Next, you would need to know where the weapon is. If a guy has just stabbed his own father, he's CLEARLY not in his right mind already. Maybe YOU are comfortable with not requiring that piece of information, but as a dispatcher who frequently has to send offcers in similar dangerous situations all the time, I can assure you that I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure a crazed person who just murdered his own father does not murder one of my officers.

Sometimes we HAVE to speak loudly and forcefully because the nature of the call dictates it. If a caller is being hysterical, we HAVE to get their attention. We HAVE to get them to refocus.

Sending the call over for dispatch as soon as she knew a location and that the guy was threatening suicide, the customer service portion of the call was largely completed. The caller had dialed 9-1-1 in order to get help. The dispatcher did that.

If the responding officer was YOU or someone you love, wouldn't you be wanting that dispatcher to find out EXACTLY where that guy and his knife were at all times? If he had just killed someone you know and/or love, wouldn't you want to know how he's dressed and how he looks in case he tries to flee before police officers get on scene?

So if you've HONESTLY considered the information I've just given you, I think it's absolutely fair to say that YOU are the one being judgemental here. You spouted off truly ridiculous comments in your post that were based on ignorance of what really happened during that call.

I admit I was indeed being judgemental when I said Guest111 couldn't handle being a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Unlike YOU, my comments are based on facts. Because I know EXACTLY what happened during that call, and because I have 20 years of experience as a 9-1-1 dispatcher, I have every right and reason in the world to say that Guest111 could NOT handle this job.

Neither could YOU, for that matter.


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