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Mitchell Entertainment and Attorney are Idiots

I can't even believe a lawyer would even represent this case. Mitchell Entertainment should have done their homework and known that Lil Weezy might pull this "Stunt 101" - so why blame the School Board, they have a safety concern for the students in New Hanover County and all Mitchell Entertainment cares about is making money - irrespective of the students safety. Think about it - the area around New Hanover has had several murders this year alone amid escalating gang violence - and you bring a known rapper and self-proclaimed Gangster to the neighborhood to do a show??!! Please!! New Hanover County School Board did the right thing in showing concern for their kids! Additionally, can it be that ticket sales are just plain low and that Mitchell Entertainment just miscalculated their project sales??? Mitchell Entertainment is just trying to back-side on their on mistake and attempting to use the School Board as a "Scape-Goat". Oh by the way...yes, I am a young black successful male in Wilm and I do like some of Lil Weezy's music - but I also can think for myself and know the difference between right and wrong. Peace! "Fo-sheezy!


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