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and at the same time, if

and at the same time, if your employer/promoter/whomever says they will pay you a certain amount for a job, then they better do it. How many people out there will go to work tomorrow if they find out they are going to only get paid half or even less than they are supposed to be? Lil Wayne was hired for a certain amount. He didn't get paid what he was owed, so he didn't perform. Also, Lil Wayne has been in the music industry for at least 12 years now. His work ethic must be pretty solid for him to hold his same job for that length of time. Either that or he's had over a decades worth of "luck" as you claim. The rest of your comments are too wack to even write a response to. All I will say is that those are your opinions, so please don't state them as facts.


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