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I have issues with this

First, about 20 people watch public access stations - they are not exactly hot beds of good local TV programming.
Second I believe there are some legal issues the city has to overcome according to some news reports I've read. This will add to start up costs.
Now think about this for a second.
Would any of you guys want to see Scot Harry and the anti ballpark crowd buying up air time to disparage the ballpark?
Would any of you want to see Chuck Kuebler or Terry Spencer promoting the ballpark?
The answer to both of course is no - but thats what you'd get.
I'm all for first amendment rights, but I am against spending monies for the TV watching enjoyment of so few people. And for those who would argue it's a first amendment issue I ask "Where was TV when the Constitution was drafted?"
Sterling brought up a good point about other venues - and we will have those venues whether we go with an access channel or not.
I say no. If Saffo does this with city employees we have technical costs associated with this and payroll, medical and pension costs associated with employees as well.
I clearly did not miss channel 4 when it went why bring it back?



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