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Vog, you often recite Felon gun-ownership rights...

...from the "legal" standpoint, which I have never confirmed. All of this legal-ease you publish appears to sound somewhat reprehensible, but for the sake of me I cannot recall ANY state or ANY instance where a Felon had gun ownership rights restored and then committed a crime...NOT EVEN ONE. At one time it was possible for a Felon in NC to have the right to own a shotgun for hunting purposes. That is no longer the case. I just can't recall ANY state being foolish enough to allow any violent felon, of any nature, the rights to ANY gun ownership. If that were the case, I would have the same knee-wobbling fear you cry of constantly. Violent felons should not have guns of any sort. You and Biden would make great partners due to your obvious lack of understanding of gun-ownership, constitutional rights and the basic understanding of the law-abiding citizen vs. the muliple convicted, violent felon with a rap sheet of heighnous crime a mile long.

I think you really need to study Felon's rights to gun ownership closely and understand it clearly. I know for a fact that you have misquoted and do not understand the seizure of weapons from felons (and others) by law enforcement in this county or in NC. Find the FACTS and stop speculating and attempting to spread your imagined fears. Your opinion and what YOU want is one thing. To misinterpret law and spread that as fact is yet another. You don't seem to possess the ability to seperate the law-abiding citizen from the felonious criminals or from the obscure mental cases that you continually mix into one big bowl.

My key point is to KEEP violent felons in prison in the first place as we know what they will do when they are placed back into society. Then we protect the public AND we don't have to worry about them getting guns AGAIN do we? And we do that in a manner that it helps pay for itself. We also do that in a manner that will make people THINK before commiting that violent crime the second and third time, much less the rate of 15 convictions we currently see and allow with the repeat offenders. When and only when the legal system begins instituting this very basic practice and IF they find it to be as ineffective as current methodology, that is when I'll begin to listen to them about gun-control to minimize gun related violence!!!
I just don't see that day coming!


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