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I'll reply to all

First - why is there a whole section in the NC General Statutes related to felons getting their gun rights back if it doesn't happen? In other states its even quicker than our 20 year wait. You CANNOT argue felons will steal guns as a viable argument without recognizing that some states ALLOW for felons to LEGALLY get weapons back. NC law as I have pointed out is tougher than most with the 20 year wait.Second - as for guns and alcohol. I have said this repeatedly. Alcohol (and drugs) are addictions - as such even CWP holders could take that single drink or smoke that single joint. At what point does THAT stop? I know that CWP holders get vetted but who's to say they don't "turn"?
I will NOT be naive and say all CWP holders are good law abiding citizens and will religiously adhere to the requirements of not drinking or not carrying in a drinking establishment. No one can say that.
Third - guns on campus. Put them in a lock box in your car. Is taking a chance, an unnecessary risk when it's EVIDENT by all statistical evidence that car break ins are the most widely reported campus crime. That's why I said either allow them to carry or don't allow them on campus at all.

Lets face it criminals get guns - but lets not make it easier to do so.
On the other hand lets not tempt human beings by allowing them to be in a place where alcohol is being served while carrying. Humans have failings.
As for waiters? You can do a criminal back ground check on them during the hiring process.

I'm glad to hear that many of "us" feel that there's a responsibility that comes with having the CWP. I don't drink when carrying. I don't put myself in situations where I may need to use my weapon and I make sure they are secured when I'm leaving them un-attended.
But I'm not stupid either and I damned sure don't want some college aged kid or criminal to have an easy time stealing my weapons either - and this law makes it too easy on college campuses.
Imagine a felon - knowing that colleges have vehicle break in problems already - thinking:
"Hey, if I want a gun? All I gotta do is break into some cars at employee parking lots at UNCW! Chances are - I'd get a free gun sooner or later!"
Now - thats really brilliant of our legislature......set up the target for felons to hit.



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