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You're kidding, right?

"First... Felons..." Too bad, they did it. They make exceptions for white collar crime, and a few other things.

"Second - as for guns and alcohol. I have said this repeatedly. Alcohol (and drugs) are addictions"

For some. You, Vog, in your post that started with "The whole purpose of CONCEAL is to hide. So - who would know? I know, I know - We're all good law abiding citizens."
Two things here. As far as the "who's to know" thing, It's a crime to ignore that, and anyone who's got a permit knows this from the class and the Sheriff paperwork. You just don't intentionally violate the law. It's one of the precursors to getting the permit, why start now? Alcohol is an addiction for some, not all. You yourself said in this post that you might want to try a beer - I assume single, and that the " Mrs will want a bottle of wine.." doesn't mean polish it off.

"Third - guns on campus. Put them in a lock box in your car". Exactly. That is what the proposed law requires. When mine is locked in the car, it's just that. In a a steel box attached to the vehicle. In order to get anywhere near it to start working on getting it it, the car will be making noise - for sure. Someone trying will be attracting attention, and they won't get into it immediately. The car break in people want GPSs, cash, credit cards, etc. Guns raise the stakes for them. Ask any off campus cop about cars in neighborhoods that have been broken into, that contained guns, and all was taken, but the gun was left.

This comment from you I have to question:
"Imagine a felon - knowing that colleges have vehicle break in problems already - thinking: "Hey, if I want a gun? All I gotta do is break into some cars at employee parking lots at UNCW! Chances are - I'd get a free gun sooner or later!"

Uhhh... Same thing applies downtown now. All these people that work in various government buildings - City, County, Federal - that legally carry (concealed or not) but have to disarm and store in their vehicles in the various parking lots BECAUSE THE VERY SAME LAW BEING PROPOSED for college campuses applies to them. Easier pickings there... Basically, you can lock it in your car, but you cannot carry in any of those facilities" Look, as it is now, those people who have a firearm secured in their vehicle who work at any of the applicable campuses now park on the street somewhere. CFCC is easy, since it IS legal to park in the City / County decks (yes, I verified this) with a stored weapon, while it is NOT legal to park in any of the CFCC lots / decks.

Speaking of violating laws, here's a little known fact:
Anyone with a firearm without a CWP issued by the SAME state - off duty cops included - that is not unloaded, and in a locked container within 1000 feet of ANY school is committing a federal felony. Drive on market street past New Hanover high school, and you've done it.


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