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Again, you discount the facts and promote total fallacy.

There exists many, many law-abiding citizens in this great country. You discount them as simple-minded, weak, addict prone individuals incapable of following regulations. Where I'm from, we call those kinds of individuals "felons", "criminals", "addicts", "ex-cons" and a host of other badges. There is a line and you tend to believe everyone fits in one big "grey" pot of incapable, idiotic and impulsive dolts. You're DEAD wrong!

Sorry Vog, you talk a big line on here about your knowledge of people, criminals, guns and our legal ability to defend ourselves against the real criminals that are intentionally placed back into society to repeat their criminal actions. I just don't see it. I very seriously doubt that you are a CCP holder, own or even know anything about frearms. If you do, you have a lot of work to do to get yourself up to par as your kind is very dangerous carrying a weapon in public! I'm thinking that you yourself may likely have been one of those few that "slipped through the crack". I'm beginning to understand the basis of your paranoia.

Step out of the dark shadows and realize there is a vast majority of good citizens with the full intent of meeting legal requirements. Not everybody is a mushy, addict prone weakling that can't pass up a beer with his cheesesteak when he knows his responsibility while carrying.


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