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"Sounds terrible more money in my paycheck..."? Really?

Wow Yessirree! Another 30 clams in the paycheck and another 100 NEW TAXABLE services to pay out an additional 130 clams in ADDITIONAL taxes never before seen. The items you mention are but an insignificant few of the additional 100 items and services that are currently untaxed. The labor portion of services are currently not taxed to the consumer as that labor is ALREADY being taxed. Doubling it up on taxes is good for you?

So they want to "reduce" the income tax rate and tax an additional 100 items (that nobody has the list of) and make us think we're getting one helluva deal? Right... Lookah heah Kilroy, ANYTIME that "ball and cup game" combined with "smoke & mirrors" comes around, especially involving taxation, you can bet your whistle it is getting ready to get poked right to the taxpayer in a very obcure place void of sunlight!

Do YOU ever READ before you post here?


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