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Do YOU think?

"You really think when a girl is getting raped the attacker is going to stop just so she can call the campus police?"

OK quick - how many girls going to UNCW are over 21?
How many are out of state residents?
How many could pass the background check?

No one under 21 can get a CWP - you have to be a RESIDENT for at least 30 days prior, and you have to pass the background check.

Take out all those groups and what have you got left?
a very small group of women.
Who gets raped on college campus? The students or the older women working there?
Yep students
Those who CAN'T get a CWP.
Stop with the nonsense - this law pertains to very VERY few students and it won't stop student rapes ! Those girls will have to STOP and call the campus cops. chose this road to go down, not me.
The General Assembly does not care about student rapes on college campuses, and this particular law won't protect all students. it is geared toward employees mostly.



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