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Your missing the point

Its just not girls getting raped on college, and why discount the employee's? Most college seniors are hitting 21 before graduating, so that is a good chunk of #'s right there. How many people over the age of 21 are employees and students at UNCW? What about all the other campus's around the state that this would affect as well?

Maybe its just not about carrying on campus, how about those students who don't live on campus that have to walk home through bad sections of town. Or how about all the adults who take late night classes that don't get out until its dark out. You know walking through a parking deck at night can be one of the most dangerous places to be.

For everyone else reading, just remember that over the past 20 years we have gone from 16 states shall issue concealed carry permits to over 43 states now. Almost every single state had those blood on the streets and wild wild west predictions, NONE of it came to fruition. Violent crime stats in almost all area's have been on a steady steep decline over that same time period. Its also ironic that the area's with the highest violence crime rates have the strictest gun laws....Chicago, Baltimore, Newark.......

Face it, allowing carrying on campus by qualified people will prevent far more crime than it creates.


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