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Your Answer in Laymans Terms:

"What reasons did they give this time around for the need for more time?" (Unquote)

Your Answer in Laymans Terms:
In todays world (or Wilmington's World), when you have multiple incompetent individuals, that aren't savvy in the field of work in which they are assigned, whether by interview, or election rights, and they try to perform miracles from a whole pile of "Nothin'"...that's just what you get...a Circus of Stars that are professional at "A Whole Pile of Nothin'"! Better known as (AWPN's)
Make sense? Yes...and No!
The Skyway Bridge went down the turlet...this project will be soon to follow...but makes a good laugh to read about in the news occasionally.
No need for anyone to get their feathers ruffled, just sit back and watch the tyrants perform lobotomies on each other...either over the Yen...or many/many Ben Franklin's.
There's your laymans terms :-)


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