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Oh Rick......

Shame on you for saying this:
"If this hotel by some miracle does get built, and the CC is still a failure, what will be blamed then?"

Here's the kicker today as we speak there is NO room shortage down town and we still have two(?) hotels under construction.
Where is the INCREASED room demand coming from?

Plain fact is that someone thought a CC was "the way to go"
"We should be like the big cities"
"We can attract national conventions"

Now that they see it's not working as well as they thought who is going to step up and admit failure?
Ms EAton and SMG? Oh puh-lease - they're laughing all the way to the bank. "Oh you can't blame us we HAD to have that hotel right from the start as planned. The CC failed because the hotel wasn't built in time."
The Mayor and council:
"The Hotel failed because the ballpark failed - when the ball park failed all economic development down town was put at risk. It's the voters fault."
Wilmington is growing. Some want it to happen faster others want a more planned and steady pace of growth. But EVERYONE seems to want to be like somebody else. "Lets be Charlotte, lets be Raleigh - no lets be Mayberry."

All the while Hinnant, Eaton, WDI, SMG, DBA - are all laughing their way to the bank after having extorted millions from the city over a decade.

It sickens me


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