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Do I understand this correctly?

The city is responsible for the spills in 2005/06
They got fined and as part of the fine they were required to do an environmental project?
In 08 CFPUA took over and started negotiating a settlement with EPA?
Now the city JUST wants to pay the fine ($300K)
Instead of the fine and the project? (Total of $420K)?

Thereby stiffing the CFPUA with the project costs?
OK first off - there are many regulations pertaining to cities/towns and businesses that contain the codicil of "the entity in charge at the time or the successor entity."

it would appear to me that the city is looking to save 33% off the total cost by saying "Hey CFPUA you fix it!"
Am I right?

Yet here we have NH County saying Marquis Hills and Heritage Park need sewer help and even though CFPUA is "in charge" these folks have had problems for years and the County is gonna help pay for those main sewer lines to be put in.?????
Do I have these situations straight?
As much as I dislike NH County government elected officials - they appear to be acting more like grown-ups. Yes? No?



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