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Antenna and a small violin

Eight months ago at Cruisers my (expensive) power antenna broke off. Perhaps I should have taken it off or perhaps they could have told me.. It was really a no-fault.. HOWEVER.. Cruisers offered immediately to pay form the damage, gave me three free washes and a sincere appology.. Wow... I was treated like a human being.. Now we have this jerkoff on the other side of town at buffymaster who is Soooooo mature that his billboard has slanderous and libel comments on it.. I hope his cleaners gets taken to the cleaners... I hope no one in Wilmington would dare patronize someone this unethical, mean, and immature. It is one thing to be angry but to act like an insensitive human being with no compassion for others is unaceptable. And now he is stepping on the media's toes ? Wow.. Apparently an investor or mommy and daddy gave his this business because if it was out of his own pocket, it would have been closed a LONG time ago ! L-o-o-s-e-r ! When his business goes under I'll make sure to break out my small violin and play him a song... Not..


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