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WHAT IN THE HECK IS IN THE WATER across the river in Brunswick'ed' county. My word, have half the officers gone crazy, Leland, Northwest, BSL Chief and the list goes on. Where is the leadership of these towns. My Boss wanted to know what you were doing in your life on and off duty. He didn't have these kind of scandals. we had morals because he had morals and demanded that from us because we represented him and we had to behave on or off the job.The courtroom will have to be manned by civilians because the officers will be the defendants!!! this is no mistake Mike Hayes.You are no longer an officer or were you ever a gentleman either. you give the good officers a bad name, black eye. it is not a mistake to solicit sex and then have sexual acts performed upon you.Did you just happen to 'click' the wrong key on the computer and the girl appeared and you had $60 in your hand?? did your pants just happen to fall down while she was there in a room or vehicle with you?? tell me where the MISTAKE was. it was no accident, it was intentional. you have some problems upstairs and maybe even downstairs. get some help boy for yourself. BY THE WAY, YOU BETTER HOPE MORE STUFF UNDER THE RUG DOESN'T COME OUT EITHER!!


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