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The UNCW file

It is amazing how the ego of one person along with the accompanying butt kissing by her court jesters has almost ruined what took almost 60 years to accomplish. Rosemary DePaulo has brought us to this with a mission and lack of vision of what these programs, which are on the verge of being eliminated, mean to this University. They bring the University an air of excellence albeit the softball team has generally failed so far.

If they cut these fine programs then just go ahead and revert to DII and be done with it. Then we can travel all the way to Mt. Olive, Wilson, Florence, Pembroke and maybe all the way to Newberry SC. That should same a bundle also.

These kids have not underperformed. The Powers that be, The director, uh directors of the SeaHawk Club and the Wilmington community have. I am an alum of some 40 years and it makes me sick.

Again, it is amazing what one egotistical woman can do. what a legacy she has left here in Wilmington.

PS, What will it cost to maintain the now defunct venues that are home to the teams in question ie Bozeman Field, Green Track and the Natatorium at UNCW? That is a hell of a lot of mothballs. Perhaps give the money back to the people who helped make them possible and oh yeah, send the bill to Rosie.

Two Mil to renovate Trask when we can barely get 2500 fans to show up. Mr. Bass start winning again and then do your renovations. I guess it will all be up to Buzz and his newly revamped staff to save you all.



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