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Law Enforcement in Schools

There was a time when Law Enforcement was only in Public Schools on Career Day. There was a time when students were taught, at home, the school was a place to "earn" an education and to prepare oneself for a responsible future. There was a time when a note or telephone call to the parents of a wayward student, from the school, could bring an immediate transformation in a student's behaviour. Too bad we've gotten away from that time. Not too long ago, poor grades or misbeahviour in school could result in a star athlete's removal from the team -- not by the Coach or school administration -- but by the parents. Add to that suspension of driving privileges and grounding with no access to telephones or internet; and no going out on Friday or Saturday night; no mall hopping; and plenty of household chores to occupy all of that free time. There was no need for school uniforms; students dressed in a manner which would not embarass the family in public; and failure to comply would result in a quick trip home; a meeting with parents; and detention. Not too long ago, a student pregnancy resulted in the student becoming a pariah in the community; and the family was visited, not by Social Services, but by the family minister and the family elders. They didn't give out condoms or birth control pills in the school health department; family planning and morality began at home. It seems the bleeding heart liberals, who force us to focus on the undisciplined rights of students, forget the rest of us have rights. It's time for Parents to accept responsibility for the misdeeds of these wayward youths; why not have the Parents patrol the school grounds -- or at least the parents of those who seem to be the center of this need for uniformed officers in the school yard. Assuming you can locate the Fathers. Why not suspend the government give away programs and grants for those parents who can not cause their offspring to maintain proper behaviour, in school and the community, and to honor the rights of others to obtain a good education. How many officers, and how many millions of dollars, are tied up keeping order in our school system? When is enough enough? Perhaps some of these gang members would benefit by a 3 year stint in the Green Machine; 3 squares a day; regular pay; learn a useful trade; and benefit from the nurturing guidance of an understanding Gunny from Day 1. You want to learn about loyalty and structure; accomplishing goals; being a responsible citizen; join the Service of your choice. There was a time when a misbehaving juvenile faced the choice of a detention facility or a couple of years in the service of his country. Semper Fi!


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