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You comment your way, I'll comment mine.

If you keep up with the local news there is an inordinate amount of "public servants" involved with stuff they really shouldn't be involved in, not just "one, not just "two". Be they "on the job" or "off the job", makes not an ounce of difference to me. Their behavior is testament to their character and their character is the number 1 attribute relative to their service to the public.

I happen to despise those that just can't seem to muster up enough self-control OR self-respect to keep their zipper up and their mug shot off the front page. I certainly can't find them mentally qualified to "serve and protect" the general public when they can't even do it for themselves. Reputation is very important as a public servant, one bad apple doesn't spoil the rest, but it sure as hell makes you look for worm holes in every one you see!


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