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Tom, the Corps doesn't want them

They stopped taking dirtbags over twenty-five ago, when the Depot Aptitude Boards in both PISC and San Diego were in session full-time, heaving maggots out. MCRD is not a rehabilitation facility. The recruiters get their fannies handed to them if they sign up one of these criminals, and the hats are too busy to dedicate all their time to getting through to the "hard cases." These people have spent their entire life growing up on the street with no ethical guidance whatsoever, and three months in boot camp can't make up for that. The very few that do make it through usually revert to their original nature once a drill instructor is no longer breathing down their necks. Before the "no convictions" policy change, it wasn't unusual to see a Corporal getting court-martialed for dealing drugs. I actually had a staff-sergeant arrested for armed robbery in Los Angeles! Rather than using the Corps as social workers and saddling them with failures, a far better option is for the criminal justice system to start doing its job, and start locking these people up for a lonnnnnng time. We need to stop coddling criminals, and start treating them like the dangerous animals they are.


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