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Vog, Universities nationwide

Vog, Universities nationwide have affirmed time and time again that athletics is a central theme in academic life. Universities use athletics as a learning vehicle, an academic experience, and a way to connect to the community and the alumni. Athletes sign a code of conduct because they are ambassadors/representatives of the University to the community and alumni---so you cannot separate them from the goals of the teaching experience. Your vision and position are at odds with reality and Universities nationwide clearly disagree. Also, last time I checked strong-student athletes are continuously lauded by this and other administrations. Swimmers having high GPAs, and both UNCW swimming and diving teams are historic repeat CSCAA Scholar All American Teams--they are also winners who somehow manage to compete in conference championships, unlike some other campus teams. Read the committee's report more critically. The budget shortfall is primary due to failure to fund raise--because the organization is in disarray with inconsistent policies, lack of attention to constitutes desires and details, poor leadership, compromised relationships, poor outreach to the community and a critical need to rebuild fundraising relationships that are sensitive to constitute expectations. The budget shortfall is also mostly covered by a 1.2 million dollar increase in student fees which make up about $7.3/11.5 budget. The programs are being dissolved to repurpose $800,000 (mostly unspecified). They aren’t cutting to save money. Thus, this money is being repurposed mostly to basketball to save two jobs (the AD and basketball coach), whose jobs are clearly on the line if the program doesn't reverse its downward spiral. They think it will reverse their recruiting woes, reverse losing records and save their jobs. But wait, Florida Gulf Coast basketball has achieved prominent success even though total coaching salaries are less than ~$175,000/yr, a program supported by a limited numbers of scholarships, and an Alico Arena that seats only 4,500 fans. Wake up, coaching excellence is what success is all about. Don't kill success and throw good money after bad. Pay attention.


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