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Exactly. If the Boosters and Alumni are so upset whey not increase their donations?
Why are we directing MORE of student fees toward athletics which have less than 2% of the student population taking part in? This is socialism and has no business on a college campus.
I'e heard excuse after excuse
"Oh we didn't like what Rosie did to the program"
"Oh there were politics being played"

Vog calls BS on this one. Yes I donate to my alma mater and I hope to continue to do so.
But its time that UNCW and the boosters and alumni put aside their differences and GIVE to sustain the sports programs. You can put out all the stuff you want about student athletes being ambassadors, and that they maintain good GPA's and all that stuff - but if you don't teach this lesson now these kids will grow up thinking deficit spending is OK because someone will bail you out. We need these program cuts and even more.
The answer is NOT to charge fees to all students for the benefit of the few - we need to increase donations from boosters, alumni and the community. Charge increased admissions raise concession pricing and yes get corporate sponsorships but STOP with the excuses - STOP with the romanticizing of the program, and STOP politicizing the sports programs. Many of these kids were not here for DePaolo and Brownell.
Any alumni are booster that stopped donating because of them are worthless supporters of the Unversity.
Grow up. I'd rather see these student athletes see what is required to live within their means and to prioritize their college lives. Academics first and foremost - sports second, social life third.



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