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Oh Shut Up already

Everyone who romanticizes sports and the hard work and dedication of the student athletes.
I get it.
I played on teams
You are acting foolish. The Universities budget had been cut 3 years in a row.
Anyone who thinks sports should be maintained in that type of cost cutting environment needs to go back to school and take Econ 101.
Chef (below) is right.
Education IS the number one Priority at UNCW - NOT sports.
Stop romanticizing the sports program, the athletes and the coaches and the CAA.
UNCW is a second rate athletic school in a third rate conference with boosters and alumni who have turned their backs on them.
It's a shame to lose some sports - but GROW UP. Donate more money! Put your money where your mouth is.
I know that University level sports lose money - but when your basketball team - the "pride" of the University - loses 3 TIMES what they take in? That's pathetic. When attendance at our Champions Swim meets are less than 100 people? THAT'S PATHETIC.
Boosters? Alumni? You didn't even come close. You're an embarrassment to the community. Step up to the plate.
Either donate heavily to rescue your favorite sports programs or RECOMMEND which sports to cut. Man up, or SHUT UP.
But stop with this "Sports builds character". "the student athlete learns to juggle schedules, family and friends". We're talking money here - in the face of budget cuts. It's only fitting that sports be cut along with other things.
Good grief


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