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uncw Swimming

Here are some of our concerns:

1. This decision was made by a group of people that were brought together to give their recommendations. Out of that group, there were student athletes on this panel. From what I understand, only tennis and volleyball were represented for all student athletes. I can understand getting input, but to have them speak for the other sports that they have no knowledge about and Be able to have any say on who is eliminated is a conflict of interest. As the outcome shows, neither tennis nor volleyball are listed for possible elimination. Their ability to be unbiased is clouded by their own participation in these sports, they should have recused themselves unless there was representation from every sport that could be affected. Should teams representing about 30 students make A determination of 2 teams of 120 students?

2. As many have mentioned, this decision could potentially affect the whole university due to losing the out of state tuition that many parents and students are paying. When our daughter decided on uncw, we chose it for the swim team. We are from Georgia and she could have gone to school here for less than 1/3 the tuition that we are paying now. We decided to invest in her and in the school because of the swim team.

3. Other swim teams such as clemson and Maryland phased out their programs giving their Athletes time to make decisions affecting their futures If the swim team is cut this year, the chancellor needs to understand ALL affected financial ramifications to their decision to Eliminate these teams beginning this August.

Many of us have signed contracts on apartments or houses for the next year. We will now be responsible for broken contracts and additional fees if we decide to leave and swim somewhere else. Had there been prior knowledge of this possibility, we would not have signed until we had certainty about the future.

Most swim teams already have their teams full for the upcoming season and their scholarship monies have been allotted. To try and transfer at this late date, would Be extremely difficult and burdensome for students and parents alike. While they were generous in their offer to swimmers, most of the kids came to swim which they would have to give up to stay. As we know, even one semester out of the pool without proper coaching will make it extremely difficult to be competitive at the college level.

New recruits signed as early as last November to go here. When they committed, they had to cut off all communication With other swim teams by NCAA standards. Now those other schools have moved on and signed other people. Students have to be loyal, but according to what we have learned, it seems schools have no obligations? Has anyone talked to the NCAA?

If a student chooses to transfer to another school with a swim team, there are credits hours that are not transferrable from one school to another, so courses will have to be re-taken.

So those credit hours that many of us have paid for with out of state prices were for nothing. We would have to pay out additional monies for the same courses. They have to re-take these classes and possibly go additional semesters to graduate which means additional funds.

These are just a few of the many concerns that we all find ourselves faced with at this time. If they are making this decision based on finances only, then here are some of our real financial facts. We love and are committed to uncw's success and We hope these points are taken into consideration.


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