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Wow. A bit harsh, don't you

Wow. A bit harsh, don't you think? While you certainly make some valid points your missing a few crucial components to your argument. It's clear the booster club has not followed through on promises and that needs to change. However, you seem to be missing the biggest point that you, yourself pointed out, education. There are numerous students (many out of state)who would be unable to attend the university without the aid from the Athletic Department for their team sport (Grant –in-Aid) or from a donor to the Athletic Scholarship funds. What may I ask do you propose those students do? Obviously, there are things that need to change because you're right basic economics dictates programs cannot exist without money. You must realize however, that there are many other avenues the school can go through to tighten the belt on their expenses and save these programs. While again, you're correct student athletics are not the most important part of a university it does however add a cohesiveness to a school and helps to create a productive campus community. There literally are journal articles written on the draw athletics bring for prospective students and as well as its aid to creating a productive and respected campus.


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