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Yes I was harsh- why?
Sure there are other things they could cut.
Like cut the crap.
I've heard various excuses from both Boosters and Alumni and they center around politicizing the athletic department. DePaulo "using" the athletic department, and various other things.
In every one A+B (Alumni and Boosters) point their fingers everywhere but where they belong - ON THEM.
They want sports no doubt but they want an enormous chuck of student fees to pay for it - that is socializing the loss.
Here's what the committee should do. List by sport how much each sport costs the U. As I pointed out, basketball - the flagship sport has expenses of $16M and revenues of $545,000. The cost is outrageous of course and 3 times the revenue generated.
No one from A+B has suggested INCREASING donating - why?
It is because the easy way is to gather more student fees - "Don't worry no one will say anything", "there's loads of undergrads they won't notice".
Sorry this doesn't cut it with me.
I want A+B to come up with the sports THEY'D accept for cutting - because its obvious they don't want to increase their giving . They went to the well once too often for my liking so yes I was harsh.
In the mean time, it's grossly unfair to infer that non athletes are not taught the same lessons as athletes, because they're not on a team, or haven't had to juggle school, sports, social life - which is what a few have suggested.
I say cut basketball, for both sexes.
Then lets see how A+B react? If they con't come to the rescue? Then cut mens baseball and women's softball. Lets cut until A+B come back to the table.
I know that sports LOSE money but they sould not lose as much as UNCW sports does.
If we can't get A+B to increase fund raising?
Eliminate ALL sports and let student fees DROP by HUNDREDS of dollars per semester.


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