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One more point, if I may. You said:
"There literally are journal articles written on the draw athletics bring for prospective students and as well as its aid to creating a productive and respected campus."
I would rather the campus attract more intellectuals to the campus then three point shooters. I'd be more proud if a grad from UNCW discovered a new fish species than I would of someone becoming a point guard for the New York Knicks.

"While again, you're correct student athletics are not the most important part of a university it does however add a cohesiveness to a school and helps to create a productive campus community."
You are the problem Anna - don't you see?
"You must realize however, that there are many other avenues the school can go through to tighten the belt on their expenses and save these programs"
WHAT CUTS??? you speak in generalities be specific.
Our sports programs DEPEND on student FEES from ALL Students. They are increasing the distribution of those fees to the sports programs. This is like the Federal reserve just printing more money.
You're tapped out
You've gone to the bank (student fees) once too often.
You are now over drawn on your account.
Make the call Anna. Without ANY increase in student fees or any increase in distribution. SAVE THE SPORTS PROGRAMS.
Here's an exercize for you.
Give us two sports for each sex that we should save at all costs then list the ones that "could" go away. Base your answer on popularity ONLY because it's obvious the Boosters and Alunmni don't give a damn about how much they lose
I'll start
Mens basketball
Mens baseball
Womens basketball
Womens softball

Start there - pour ALL existing fees into those 4 programs and then if (a big if) you have money left over then save other sports.
The problem is you can't because at some point you'll PO an alumnus or booster who "remembers the days on the BB team" or what have you.
That thought process no longer applies.
But stop with the cohesiveness arguments - stop with the student athletes showing courage to juggle schedules and priorities.
The sports program is DOOMED if "feel good" athletics is let to go on.
Its doomed if they expect all students to continue pouring money down a bottomless pit.
I say start with those 4 and watch the show start. They'll be gnashing of teeth, pointing of fingers and plenty of blame to go around - and NOTHING will get done. This is typical UNCW sports BS - blame everyone else but yourselves.
But do NOT take any more $ from student fees.


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