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I agree Kim; I myself have

I agree Kim; I myself have known Adrienne for a long time. I have had the honor of being her partner while I was with the Police Department. She is a stand up person and I have no doubt that some form of outside forces out of her control had an impact on actions that day. If anyone that has never blacked out from a medical condition has something to say negative then their voice holds no salt. I in fact have blacked out from severe acute blood loss and this is not a kind of thing anyone should have to endure. You go from a person that is in control to complete darkness…… Then when you regain concusses your body puts you into a panic (flight or fight mode) this is not controlled by any rational thought process.

I challenge anyone who feels that they can come on here and attempt to deface this upstanding woman to lay their life record out on the table and compare it to hers and you will see that YOU JUST DON’T MEASURE UP. God bless you Adrienne you are a champion.


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