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I find it very sad that people would try to turn a simple medical issue into something it is not. I watched all the posts from before saying she must have been texting, making all sorts of mean vicious judgements before the facts were ever presented. As it turns out this was a medical event that she had BEEN CLEARED of, meaning cleared to work. She didn't make that call paramedics did. Given that, how was she to know that it would happen again. She wouldn't. As to her leaving the scene, did she turn herself in? That to me would be the most telling, not the simple hit and run, especially given the cause. This wasn't someone zonked out of her mind on booze, this was a medical issue that she had been previously told would not happen again. Maybe she left the scene of the accident due to disorientation confusion from the black-out All of you saying she shouldn't be working. Then she would most likely have to go on disability, if her health defect were serious enough. And you wouldn't like that either. I don't know this lady, but I hope to god you never have your financial livelihood threatened by illness. Instead of saying crap, you should be saying prayers for her total recovery so she can go back to doing her job.


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