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More "gun-related violence" (murder) by a convicted felon.

Here we go again. This story is on-going and testament to our courtroom behavior where violent criminals are placed BACK into the public mainstream when they have effectively demonstrated their intended behavior.

This is another case where the courts have failed to protect society and allowed a Felonious career criminal back on the street to commit murder. This beautiful woman was murdered by a 23 year old career criminal that just happened to decide he wanted her stuff and thought it was okay to take it.

Look at his record (remember, he's only 23 years old):
Ronald Lee Anthony Jr.
Already spent ~3yrs in State Prison.
Ronald has 11 FELONY convictions to include 6 CONVICTIONS for ROBBERY with a dangerous weapon, 2 for Bomb threats, 2 for embezzlement and 1 for ID fraud.
5 misdemeanor convictions.

Seems to me that Ronald had fully demonstrated the intent he had to live his life and his propensity to destroy that of others. He committed enough violent crime to easily allow the judges and the DA's to put him away for a very, very long time, but instead, he was placed back into society to commit MORE robbery and now...MURDER.

I've said this many times in the past. Until lifetime criminals like Ronald here are kept behind bars where they are under constant control, NO law, NO restrictions, NO background checks and NO bans of any sort will ever reduce gun-related violence!

My basic question of "Why is this proven, violent individual allowed to once again mingle among a law-abiding society?" is haunting and elusive.


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