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Vog, the answer is simple.

Our federal state and local governments have a horrible time managing money, ever notice that? We have plenty of money to support illegal aliens, entitlement recipients, world hunger, 3rd world country support, wars, saving the piping plover, the great horned owls, etc., but they can't seem to take care of business at home. Total mismanagement. The same applies to the Department of corrections (why would they be any different?). They're using the same methodology that's been in place for decades that doesn't work...proven. Always lacking, always broke, always needing more and more tax money to resolve the same issues that were never solved from the beginning. Not unlike the Social Security system, the IRS, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Medicare, DSS and a full host of others that are total, broke government envisioned failures they try to push off as successes. That's all they will ever be and it's only getting worse. Our own children's education is always at risk and being cut. Care for our elderly is always at risk and being chopped on at every turn, but there's plenty of money there for a bunch of useless "help" programs for those that are lazy, inept, crooked and that farm generations of others to take their place.

Tell ya what Vog, if we can get the peeps with the money to start spending it correctly, keep the criminals in prison, make prison a place they do not want to return to, you'll begin to see a difference in the crime rate of this country. I don't get to write the state or federal checks, I just pay the bills. For prison reform, remove the heat and A/C, remove the TV's, remove the workout stations, put them in gunny-sack clothing and put their sorry asses to hard labor for 14 hrs a day. And for God's sake stope the gangs from turning into prison empires running drug and crime rings behind prison walls. That needs to come to an immediate stop, but guess what? NOTHING ever happens, it continues! So there's my answer and it'll work. Keep the ACLU, the NAACP and the other worthless mamby-pamby organizations out of it and do what needs to be done. Prison isn't supposed to be fun, but it appears to be for most. Make it what it is supposed to be, HELL! If they want to come back to that, then so be it...their choice.

Now my question to you AGAIN is: Why is a person with 11 violent felony convictions at age 23 allowed BACK into society to commit murder after ONLY a 3 yr stint in a minimum security prison? This happens every single day and it makes no sense to see the losses of innocent citizens lives due to the behavior of worthless and careless worms that care nothing about any human life but their own. I truly hope the judges and the DA's that have been involved with this criminals lifelong cases have a difficult time getting their sleep and take a second thought at the procesess that allowed this woman to be murdered!


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