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No Vog, you're losing the point.

Everyone deserves a chance, two, perhaps 3 at the most. NOT TEN to FIFTEEN violent felony convictions and give them a state paid condo and free meal ticket for a measly 3 years. Geeez! What kind of deterrant is that? I write about these very same kinds of cases once a week in this tiny, relatively calm community we live in. Imagine the statewide and nationwide impplications the scope of this issue presents. How many people are robbed, raped, murdered or otherwise invaded by derelict criminals allowed to roam about? Every single day... Allowed to do so by the very people we elect to protect us from these criminals.

I don't care who, what branch or what entity is cutting costs. My point is that our tax money is squandered and mis-appropriated purely for vote grabbing tactics. Politicians, (repubs and dems alike) don't run for office to do good for the country OR the people anymore, they do it for themselves, the money, the perks, the handouts, the big-shot status and many other off-purpose reasons.

This country is due for a major overhaul. When we have the criminals and the lazy running our society, we're in trouble! Guess what? We're in trouble! Deep trouble!


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