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this whole debackel is just

this whole debackel is just discusting, watching these BULLYS and TYRANNICAL POLITICKERS gang up on poor brian burger and pick on him and play a game of "kick the autistic", brian burger is a good boy and him's did the best he could and he may not have been absolutely perfect and he may have shown a small lack of judgement here and their but no one's perfect and the level of audacious unconstitutionality that is shown by woodrow white and jon garfield and that other old man is bordering on the obscene, they are in affect canselling the voter's decision to elect him, they should all be impeached and be exiled to the green swamp to live in a cave, and brian burger should be made president of new hanover county, that would show them good old boy's they can't boss ppl around like that, ha!


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