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First off the deputy was not parked in a handicap parking space. The deputy was not parked in a "No Parking Space", because it has to be posted "No Parking" to be in violation. However the only parking violations in a Private parking lot is Handicap and Fire lane violations and there is not a "No parking violation". Did the deputy make a bad decision, "Yes". The other thing is every accused has the right to know there accuser and he refuses and that is a coward. If someone wants to stand up and complain on someone, then he should stand up and be a man and not want to be unknown. Was this really such a big thing to be in the news? This coward is going to cause this deputies bad decision to cause him his job, demotion and or suspension, like they get paid a lot already. I think he should have parked down the lanes and I don't think he made the right decision, but not news worthy. Johnny G


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