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Fair Dinkum redux

I posted this comment with regard to the Onslow deputy involved in a traffic incident in SC but it also applies here:

"Sheriffs and police chiefs should remind their subordinates that the proliferation of dashboard cameras, smartphone cameras, video cameras in the hands of the citizens that they serve will only increase with time. As a result, so will the ability of citizens to record and publish the actions of the officers. Be safe and act like someone is watching because they might just be not only watching, but recording."

Most Law Enforcement Officers work very hard to protect the community and truly have a sense of duty and service that the public may not always appreciate. However, perceptions do matter. When a LEO acts inappropriately, the confidence and support of the public, upon which all LEO's depend, erodes just a bit.

In this case, it appears to be simply a lapse in good judgment. In my opinion, it does not rise to the level of a demotion or termination. However, a chat with the Sheriff and a summons (with those delightful court costs) might remind the deputy to exercise better judgment in the future.

Keep it in perspective and stay safe.


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