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Bad...Bad...Bad. The New Hanover County Sheriff's Office.

In my opinion, if the average New Hanover County citizen knew even half of the things that have and are still going on at the sheriff's office, they would be shocked. Since Ed McMahon became sheriff, the place has rapidly declined. McMahon has no business being in this powerful position. Moral is at an all-time low because of his ruling through fear and intimidation. McMahon is a poor leader, who puts on a public façade. Again, in my opinion, he is a very vengeful, hateful, grudge-holding and mean-spirited person. Just don't get in his way...because the "Good Baptist Deacon" will surely set you up for failure. There are many good people within the sheriff's office, however; they go along and keep their mouths shut out of fear. It's no longer a nice place to work...what a shame. Hopefully, some decent soul will run for sheriff next election and clean the place up. McMahon needs to go.


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