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"I have seen it firsthand. These departments need to quit being so laid back and react to these “little “problems ASAP."
Uh hey did react. since this is a personnel issue we'll probably never know just what was done but at some point we have to take the word of someone in authority at the Sheriffs office. "You know firsthand"? How? In today's world of dashboard cams, cell phones taking movies and pictures and being able to produce them, for the whole world to see immediately on You Tube one would have to assume that LEO's are cognizant of how they are perceived.

"Do you know what the window pane approach is? It means all things are important and should be dealt with or your entire department will back slide."
Or your entire department will back slide? Assumptive argument there Troy - one that cannot be made here. This is a first as far as I know. Sure the Sheriff was arrogant if, IF he said what the did to this man. I don't know either man but this boils down to a "he said she said" argument. While I respect LEOs I will not give him the benefit of the doubt here. I will however give the department that benefit.

" When officers get away with these type infractions there are a majority of officers that want them to be punished, and when it doesn’t happen they get a don’t give a ____ attitude, and that is when the whole department is in jeopardy."
What punishment is appropriate? Letter of reprimand in his file - we'll NEVER know if it was done nor would the other officers. If the department is in jeopardy because of this "non-available knowledge" then we have far bigger problems. In this case NONE of his fellow officers would know if he was punished, or what that punishment might be.
He was wrong and I TRUST it was handled according to department and county policy - affecting one employee.
Do not make this into something it's not, please



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