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Fact 1- There is not a legal

Fact 1- There is not a legal Handicap parking spot at that location, Its been moved to the front of the building, No sign in front of the spot, Fact 2- the Deputy was parket next to the OLD hanicap parking spot not in it. Fact 3- The Accusers story has changed several times.Fact 4-The accuser has been caught in several lies about this Deputy. One being he cut the man off trying to get into the OLD Handicap spot. If so the man was traveling the wrong direction, the spots are slanted next to the building, Fact 5- The accuser stated he went inside to speak to the Deputy to tell him he was parked in a handicap spot, and the deputy responded I can iam a cop. The Investigator and Mang. of Planet Fitness viewed the tape of the deputy the whole time he was working out and there was NO man that approched the deputy at any time. SOOOO this deputy has been falsely accused and look how this has run. Shame on this Accuser for trying to make our Law enforecment look bad, He obviously has an Axe to grind against law enforcement and has put this Deputy and the department in a bad light to the public, All I can say is we need to Pray for this Accuser and hope he never does this again.


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