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Ignorant parents

The appallingly ignorent sentiment's spewed forth from the hatches of the pro homosexuol community on this matter is absurd, which is to be expected from a hotbed of libberal activity like wilmington, and furthermore, the homosexuols don't want to get married or go to boy scouts in the first place, they just want to stir up trouble for everyone and get everyone to pay attention to them and think that they are special littel snowflakes because of their sexual orientation, and furthermore, the people who get on here and rail against and condemn heterosexuolity are probably secretly heterosexuol themselves, and don't honestly belive what they are saying, it was just taught to them by their marxist-leninist-ooga-boogaist college educated libber parents, handing down igorance to the sheeple masses, so in conclusion if you want a gay pride pink boy scout parade gay day fiesta go to commiefornia please, ha!


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