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Are you listening to yourself? Do you really believe your own drivel? You actually believe that gay boy scouts can now be "morally straight"? That they can live their lives with "honesty"? That they are "clean" in their speech and actions, and they're persons of "strong character"? You're delusional!

A gay boy scout is totally opposite from all of that! They have no morals, their speech and actions are dirty and repugnant, and their strong character is only in their own minds. As you yourself said, "there have always been gay scouts, they just had to lie about until now". That should give you some idea of their "strong character" when they have to lie to cover up their lifestyles.

BSA didn't "do the right thing". They caved in to the pressure they received from gay rights groups with powerful lawyers. Now they've become as sissy pants as the gay scouts they will be admitting.


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