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Here's a major problem with homosexuals...

...on top of the "obvious", you tend to call heteroseuxal people names like "homophobic" because they aren't like you and never will be. You exclaim that they "hate!" you when they simply disagree with your lifestyle and you term them as "paranoid" because they don't necessarily want to hold hands with you in union of your credo.

Well, the "kids" don't care anymore because it's forced down their throats that being gay is "cool"'s "okay" and "normal". They are forced to read about it in their childrens libraries to learn why they have two daddies and that if they don't really like their penis it's okay to "convert" that into something of a more womanly nature.

I'm not aware of any parents that want their children to turn gay, I just know a lot that have had it to happen and they have to deal with it. So, that's just what they have to do and I have sympathy for them.

I also have sympathy for the ones's of you that can't live comfortably in your own skin of homosexuality. When you have to throw your derogetory, name-calling insinuations in our face, blatantly and publicly display what you are and proclaim that we "hate!" you because we simply disagree shows that your mental disturbance falls well beyond that of your sexual confusion!

How is it that you EVER expect to gain any sort of acceptance or equality with such an abhorrant, abrasive and divisive approach? You're only destroying your own cause...


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